Drunk Driving Update: DUI Checkpoints Announced for Huntsville, AL, and Surrounding Areas

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A crackdown on driving under the influence of alcohol will be just one type of traffic offense targeted during Alabama's “Click It or Ticket” campaign this month. Look for increased police presence in Huntsville and surrounding areas, as law enforcement authorities engage in a concerted effort now through the end of this month to enforce traffic laws and reduce injuries. One of the methods that officers will use during this time is the DUI checkpoint.

DUI checkpoints, also known as sobriety roadblocks, will be manned by uniformed officers from all three police precincts, all of whom will be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers. The checkpoints will typically be located in areas where statistically high levels of traffic accidents and/or traffic offenses have been observed in the past. According to authorities, the Special Operations Division will be announcing specific DUI checkpoints throughout Huntsville, as well as utilizing “enhanced radar enforcement” by the Traffic Task Force to remind motorists to slow down and buckle up.

In addition to DUI, other violations being targeted are speeding, following too close, no seat belt, failure to yield right of way and running red lights.

This campaign is funded annually by the North Alabama Traffic Safety Office (NATSO) and includes strong public service announcements. According to the NATSO, campaigns such as “Click it or Ticket” have played an important role in educating motorists and reducing accidents. The federal grants paid by NATSO have placed officers on the street enforcing traffic laws which would not have been possible otherwise.

The police typically use field sobriety tests as well as breathalyzer testing equipment to determine a driver's blood alcohol content (BAC) at DUI checkpoints. As an Alabama DUI Defense Attorney, I advise those persons who have been arrested or issued a DUI summons as a direct result of drunk driving roadblock to retain the services of a skilled legal professional. Eversole Law is at your service and ready to protect your rights in court.

Huntsville Police Announce “Click It Or Ticket” Safety Blitz,, May 18, 2009

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