DUI Arrest in Lawrence County Could End Hospital CEO’s Job

Posted by Steven Eversole | May 10, 2009 | 0 Comments

It should come as no surpise to anyone in Alabama that a drunk driving arrest can be a life altering event. But a DUI conviction can literally turn your life upside down. Take the recent drunk driving charge against the CEO of the Lawrence Medical Center in Moulton. He's now on administrative leave after being picked up for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Tom Dunning, 43, of Decatur was arrested last week in North Courtland for DUI and failure to yield to a stationary vehicle. According to the police report, Dunning refused a sobriety test, requiring him to stay in the Lawrence County Jail for 24 hours. He was subsequently released on $1,800 bond for the two misdemeanor charges. Reports did not say whether or not he has any previous DUI convictions.

As drunk driving arrests go, this one appears rather unremarkable, but the owners of Lawrence Medical Center don't see it that way. Upon learning of Dunning's arrest, they immediately put the CEO on leave. He has worked in that capacity for about two years.

These days, not only do the police have zero tolerance for driving while intoxicated, society and corporate America have next to no patience for those accused of DUI. As an experienced Birmingham DUI Attorney, my job is to help clients charged with drunk driving fight for their rights, because a drunk driving conviction on your record can ruin your personal and professional life.

Mr. Dunning's DUI arrest has already caused him embarrassment and job complications. If convicted, not only will he have to deal with the legal penalties, such as fines and maybe jail time, but he could be looking at disciplinary measures at work, the loss of his position as CEO, and even future employment difficulties due to a DUI record.

If you or a relative has been recently charged with DUI, it is important that you retain qualified legal representation. The professional legal staff at Eversole Law is ready to defend you in a court of law.

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