DUI Enforcement Alert: Special Note to Alabama Drivers Heading East for the Holiday

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Drinking and driving is frowned upon here in Alabama, as well as out of state. Residents of Birmingham, Montgomery and other Eastern Alabama towns should take additional steps to observe all DUI laws during the upcoming summer holidays. Especially if you are considering heading east for the Fourth of July holiday, be extra careful while traveling to your out-of-state destination because drunk driving police patrols will be highly active in Georgia for then next week or so.

According to recent news stories, out-of-state law enforcement has launched a major crackdown on drivers who flout the DUI laws in the counties and municipalities just across the Alabama state line. Aimed at people who drive impaired due to the consumption of alcohol, Georgia's “Operation Zero Tolerance” is currently in effect to get dangerous drivers off the roads, as well as to raise awareness about the deadly consequences of drunk driving.

When it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol, the Fourth of July holiday is reportedly the second most dagerous time to be on the road — New Years Eve is number one. Because of this, sobriety checkpoints and heightened enforcement will be standard operating procedure on the east side of the Alabama border in the coming days.

This campaign is part of that state's “100 Days of Summer Heat,” which runs through the Labor Day holiday. Police officers, deputies and state troopers will be on patrol not only during the coming Independence Day holiday, but all summer long. As a Birmingham DUI defense lawyer, I have seen the trouble visitors from out of state have to go through when arrested for drunk driving away from home. Not only are the drunk driving fines and court costs significant, but the lost time from work — necessary to appear in an out-of-state court — will take a big bite out of a person's income.

And then there's the added cost of increased insurance premiums and possible job loss if a person also happens to hold a commercial driver's license. Frankly, it's not worth the indiscretion of having one too many during that family reunion or night out on the town.

Keep your head on straight and you won't need the services of a drunk driving specialist such as myself. But if you do get stopped for DUI or breath test refusal in Alabama, you should definitely contact a skilled legal professional who knows the law and will fight aggressively for your individual rights.

Police Launch Summer DUI Crackdown,, June 19, 2009

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