Birmingham DUI Defense: Legislation Pending to Deny Bail to Illegals Arrested for Drunk Driving

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As a Birmingham drunk driving defense lawyer, I spend my days defending individuals accused with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). Many of these people are actually innocent of the charges; however the law requires that they be given the chance to argue their case in court. Being charged with driving drunk is serious, not to mention being convicted of drunken driving. This is why it is very important to emlist the services of a qualified Alabama DUI defense attorney.

For those who live pretty much hand-to-mouth, being arrested and held without bail can be devastating to their families and anyone else who relies on the support that these individuals provide. Many of the less fortunate among us are so-called illegal aliens and whatever their status, the law provides for their defense as well. Recently, an Alabama Senate committee passed a couple bills aimed at denying public benefits to illegal immigrants as well as revoking bail for felony criminals not in the country legally.

According to news accounts, the Senate Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability Committee passed the bills that were sponsored by Sen. Hinton Mitchem. Pertaining to drunk driving, one of the bills passed on February 12 mandates the denial of bail to anyone without proof of citizenship who is arrested for DUI or a felony.

Essentially, what this future law would mean to illegal immigrants arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol is if they cannot prove U.S. citizenship at the time of arrest, then you will be denied bail. The thinking is that such individuals should not be released into the local community while a DUI trial is pending.

Only time will tell if these bills become law, after which it could become an added burden on those innocent of any DUI-related arrest and in turn only hurting the families and others who rely on these people during this difficult time of worldwide economic uncertainty.

Committee passes Mitchem's bills,, February 13, 2010

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