Alabama DUI News: Teacher of the Year Found Guilty of Driving to School Legally Drunk

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It's not uncommon for even a single drunk driving conviction to alter a person's entire life. This may seem hard to believe for many people, but as a Birmingham drunk driving defense attorney I have seen the tremendous impact that DUI arrests and convictions have on some individuals. This is especially true for people who have intimate contact with certain segments of the population, such as school teachers, police officers, and state and local officials.

Even in an instance of a first-time DUI offense, a person accused of driving under the influence of alcohol must consider the long-term consequences. This is why I always suggest that a motorist arrested for driving while intoxicated consult an experienced drunk driving lawyer.

Not long ago, an Alabama teacher all but admitted to driving to school one morning while impaired by alcohol. The man, who had previously been named Teacher of the Year, is also accused of sex abuse. While he essentially told the local prosecutor's office that authorities could probably prove that he drove drunk, news reports stated that the man did not plead guilty to any wrongdoing.

Still, based on police reports, Charles M. Lewis allegedly had a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of 0.11 percent when he attempted to drive to a teacher in-service day at Causey Middle School just after the New Year. According to Alabama State Troopers, Lewis was involved in a traffic accident just after 6am on January 4 in Baldwin County.

As a result, a Baldwin County district court judge assessed the teacher with a $600 fine and sentenced him to 24 months of probation. In addition, the court set an order forbidding Lewis from entering bars or liquor stores. In response, the man's attorney reserved the right to appeal the case.

Whether or not this incident will affect the man's future career as a teacher has yet to be seen, however the recent accusations of sexual misconduct may cause him more trouble. According to reports, Lewis faces charges that he gave a 9-year-old boy alcohol and sexually touched the child in his home in July 2009 — that particular complaint led to other students' parents coming forward with their own accusations.

‘Teacher of the Year' Guilty Of DUI,, March 17, 2010

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