Birmingham DUI News: Alabama Couple Arrested for Drunk Driving after Hitting House and Apartments

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As an Alabama drunk driving defense lawyer, I've seen just about everything when it comes to DUI arrests here in Birmingham and elsewhere in the state. Being pulled over for weaving in traffic or making an illegal turn while under the influence of alcohol is bad enough for some motorists, but crashing into another vehicle can mean injuries and additional charges beyond simple DUI.

The police and the courts in Alabama take a dim view of individuals who cause property damage as a result of alleged drunken driving, which is why anyone arrested for such an offense should consult a qualified DUI attorney. Not long ago, a couple in the Huntsville area was picked up for driving while intoxicated after they crashed into two buildings three separate times.

According to reports, the two people were arrested and charged for DUI by Huntsville police after they drove their vehicle once into a local apartment building and two additional times into a nearby house on a Sunday afternoon.

Based on police reports, 43-year-old David Palma, who was apparently attempting to leave the parking lot of his apartment on McVay Street, backed his vehicle into a nearby home around noon on Sunday, March 28. Placing the vehicle into reverse, Palma reportedly hit the house across the street from his apartment complex.

News reports show that the man then tried to drive away from the house, during which his car got hung up on a fence. Apparently unable to free the vehicle himself, Palma allegedly called his girlfriend to assist him.

After arriving to help the man, 48-year-old Lisa Wike got into the driver's seat of Palma's vehicle and tried to break the vehicle free of the fence. In the process, the woman reportedly drove the car back across the street and into the couple's apartment building across the street from the house. Police stated that when Wike reversed the car away from the apartment building, she drove the car back across the street and into the same house that her boyfriend had hit minutes earlier.

When police arrived on the scene, both Palma and Wike were probably given field sobriety tests, then arrested and taken into custody. The two were each charged with driving under the influence alcohol by Huntsville police. No information regarding a trial date was available at the time of the news article.

Couple arrested for drunk driving after driving into apartment once and house twice,, March 29, 2010

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