Law Enforcement Will Be Out in Birmingham Looking for DUI Arrests This Fourth of July

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As the temperatures heat up in Alabama, it can only mean one thing — the Fourth of July is fast approaching.

And with more drivers expected on the roads, local and state law enforcement will be stepping up their efforts to ticket and arrest motorists who commit traffic violations and crimes. If you or a loved one is arrested for DUI in Birmingham this Independence Day weekend, don't hesitate to call Birmingham DUI Lawyers immediately.

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Drivers will likely see more DUI checkpoints, more Alabama State Patrol troopers monitoring traffic on major highways and more speed traps and other ways to catch unsuspecting drivers. But what's important to keep in mind is that if you are arrested and charged with DUI, be polite, don't make any statements. Call our firm as soon as possible.

These charges will be challenged and they can be beaten. But because most DUI charges are filed as misdemeanors, defendants tend not to take them seriously. Well, we're here to tell you to take the charge seriously. It is the most commonly filed charge in the United States and as a result, the penalties are much stricter than other misdemeanor charges. In Alabama, lawmakers recently made DUI penalties even stronger, as previously reported on the Alabama DUI Lawyer Blog.

A person charged with petty theft, loitering or another type of misdemeanor charge will usually face fines and fees as well as possible jail time or probation, usually not more than a year. But look at charges for a person convicted of DUI for the first time:

$600 to $2,100 in fines
90-day driver's license suspension
DUI or substance abuse program
Up to 1 year in jail
While DUI is much less intentional and doesn't require the planning of other crimes, even misdemeanors, it is punished with much harsher penalties. But because it is so common, many people who face the charge don't fight for their rights. They try to fight their own case and simply take the first offer made by prosecutors. Don't do that! Even a first-time conviction can lead to job loss, disqualification from certain types of funding and other freedoms. And a subsequent charge can lead to even tougher penalties.

It's important to note that any aspect of a DUI arrest can be challenged, and possibly beaten, in court. Whether it's field sobriety tests conducted by an officer who wasn't properly trained in how to conduct them or fighting breathalyzer testing in Alabama that is often faulty and can be tossed out of court, our law firm will aggressively defend you.

Many people charged with DUI have never been introduced to the criminal justice system and try to talk their way out of a charge and end up hurting their case. While we are taught to trust law enforcement, when you are being investigated for a crime, you shouldn't help them do their jobs. Don't say anything before consulting with Birmingham DUI Lawyers.

We urge you to have fun this weekend, spend time with family and friends and stay safe. If you are arrested and charged with DUI, please contact our firm immediately.

If you or someone you know is arrested and needs to talk with a Birmingham DUI lawyer, contact Eversole Law at 205-981-2450 for a free consultation.

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