Can a Straight Glass Help You Avoid a Birmingham DUI?

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What if avoiding a DUI was as simple as switching out your favorite beer mug for a straight glass?


Of course, Birmingham DUI lawyers know it's not quite that simple, but researchers in the United Kingdom appear to have made an interesting discovery with regard to how we drink – and how we could better pace ourselves. Ultimately, this could lead to a reduction in drunk driving and drunk driving arrests.

The study, published in the Public Library of Science by researchers at the University of Bristol, examined whether glass shape had an impact on how fast alcohol – or any other beverage, for that matter – was consumed.

They gathered a group of 160 healthy participants between the ages of 18 and 40 years-old. These were individuals who had no prior issues with alcoholism or other problems with drinking.

The scientists then divided these individuals into two groups: those who would drink beer and those who would drink a non-alcoholic beverage. Then they divided the groups again into those that would drink from a straight glass and those who would drink from a curved glass.

What they discovered was that those individuals who drank from a curved glass – whether it was alcohol or not – consumed their beverage 60 percent faster than those who drank from a straight glass.

Why would this be?

Well, researchers aren't exactly sure, but they believe it might have something to do with how people pace themselves. People who are not alcoholics or are not drinking to get drunk do this naturally. One way they do this is by judging how much of their drink they have thus far consumed.

However, when the glass is curved, it creates the optical illusion that you are drinking slower than is reality. This means you are likely to drink more in a curved glass, and consequently, the more you drink, the more likely you are to be arrested for a DUI.

Of course, claiming a “curved-glass defense” isn't likely to be effective in any courtroom. But if you can be more aware of your alcohol consumption overall and more effectively pace yourself, you're less likely to run into problems.

Here are some other ways you may be able to pace yourself while you're partying:

–Eat a good meal before you go out drinking. Think bread, pasta, potatoes – foods that will help absorb some of the alcohol, which may give you more time before you start to feel the effects.

–Consume one glass of water (or other non-alcoholic drink) after every beer or alcoholic beverage. This won't necessarily stop you from getting drunk, but it can slow you down and help you stay hydrated.

–Don't mix drinks or substances, if you can avoid it. This makes it more difficult to keep track of what you have consumed, and it also may impact your normal limits.

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