DUI Overview

At the Eversole Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama, our dedicated team focuses on the following areas of DUI defense:

DUI / First Offenses - A first time DUI offense does not necessarily mean just a slap on the wrist. Without the help of an experienced DUI attorney, you could face penalties including loss of drivers license and even jail time.

Felony DUI / Multiple Offenses - Multiple convictions translate into harsher law in punishment. In addition, aggravated DUI (BAC over .15) will probably become law in Alabama in the near future, bringing its own more stringent penalties.

Field Sobriety Tests - Roadside tests are far from objective and there are several directions from which we can come at them to challenge the reliability of the results. These include looking at the location the test was taken at, and examining the training of the officer who administered the test.

Breath Tests - Perhaps no element of a drunk driving arrest intimidates people into pleading guilty more often than the results of a breath test. But in truth we know these breath tests are not 100% accurate. At the Eversole Law Firm, we dig deep to find out if the equipment has been maintained and calibrated properly, and if the administrating officer has followed protocols to the letter. There are many ways to undermine the credibility of a breath test result, and even have it thrown out altogether. If you have refused to take the test, resulting in an automatic 90 days drivers license suspension, or blew a .08 or higher, we know many ways of winning back your license.

DUI Assault and Manslaughter - A drunk driving accident that results in injury or death certainly ups the ante when it comes to the possible effects of conviction. These are serious cases demanding a serious DUI defense. You need a criminal defense attorney with a keen understanding of this particular practice area, and with the kind of take-no-prisoners attitude necessary to defend you against such serious charges.

Under 21 - A DUI can be a life-changing event for anyone, but especially for a young person who has their whole life ahead of them. We have handled many cases involving underage clients worried about how a DUI charge will affect them not only legally, but also with regard to future employment and college admissions.

Commercial / Occupational DUI - If you drive a car or truck for a living, then you commercial drivers license is your life's blood. We offer veteran legal representation and aggressive defense strategies to protect your rights and your career.