DUI Under 21

Don't Let A Bright Future Be Blocked By a DUI Charge

You may be under the legal age to drink and recently arrested for drunk driving. Or just as likely, you may be a concerned parent whose under-age child has been charged with a DUI. Either way, it is our hope that you are keenly aware of the implications a DUI conviction can have on such a young person's future. A criminal record is a black mark that will stay with a young person as they seek educational and career opportunities after high school.

How We Prepare a Defense for an Underage Drinking Case

When it comes to our legal strategy, we handle an under-21 DUI charge the same as we would a first-time offense or felony DUI. Though the Eversole Law Firm is located in Birmingham, Alabama, we have also earned a reputation in the surrounding areas and throughout the state for our aggressive approach to defending our clients. That means we put every detail of the case under a microscope. Was the initial stop justified? Were procedures followed and rights protected during the field sobriety and Breath tests? We dig deep and we leave no stone unturned, because in our eyes it would truly be a travesty of justice for a young person's life to be turned upside down when it didn't have to be.

Personalized Service Is All The More Important With Underage Clients

The legal process can be a scary one even for adults. For someone under 21, it helps to have an advocate who is not only well-versed in the laws regarding drunk driving, but who also takes pains to ensure the client and his/her family does not feel alone in this journey. We pride ourselves on the human face we bring to the practice of law, and nowhere is it more apparent then in the many successful cases we've handled for clients under 21 who were charged with a DUI. Now many of those clients are free to attend college and pursue their dreams.