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Forestdale DUI Defense Lawyer

An unincorporated area in suburban Birmingham, Forestdale, Alabama has a population of about 10,000.

Forestdale Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Steven Eversole and the staff at Eversole Law LLC are dedicated to representing motorists charged with drunk driving in Forestdale and the surrounding areas.

Forestdale DUI Arrests

  • An officer will stop your vehicle; typically he will tell you the reason, such as speeding, failure to obey traffic signals etc.
  • Upon finding probable cause to suspect you are intoxicated, the officer will ask that you perform field sobriety tests. You are under no obligation to do so.
  • Once an officer has determined you have failed field sobriety testing (and he or she will), you will be asked to submit to a breath, blood or urine test. Failure to do so will result in a license suspension. However, so will being convicted of drunk driving; by refusing the test, you are denying the state key evidence.
  • Typically you will be arrested; a breathalyzer test will be performed (or refused) once you are at the station.
  • At arraignment, you will be read the formal charges. You should plead not guilty; or better yet, have your attorney at your side to begin defending your rights.

More than 40 people a day are arrested and charged with DUI in Alabama. Far too many are convicted because they either fail to understand the seriousness of the charge or they fail to seek proper defense representation from an experienced Forestdale drunk driving defense lawyer. The never-ending emphasis on busting alleged offenders, has lead to an increasing number of questionable or unfair arrests.

Drunk driving charges in Alabama can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. For many, it will be the most serious criminal charge they ever face. Until you have your attorney by your side, you will have no voice. An officer will stop your vehicle. Accuse you of breaking the law. Accuse you of being drunk. Request that your submit to tests designed to prove you are guilty. And arrest you for a crime that could cost you as much as $20,000 and lead to job loss and a loss of reputation in the community.

It's not until you have an attorney that the tide begins to turn. The State of Alabama can charge you with anything it wants. What you are charged with matters little. It's what you are convicted of that will remain on your criminal record for years to come. And a drunk driving conviction has plenty of consequences long after the fact. Not the least of which is an increased chance of being stopped, accused and arrested again. It's no exaggeration to say that some never make it out of the criminal justice system. It's worth noting that all of Lindsay Lohan's problems stem from probation violations in the wake of a drunk driving conviction that occurred years ago.

As a veteran Forestdale DUI defense Attorney, Steven Eversole has seen the consequences of inaction for years. He has represented clients facing very serious penalties, in part because they failed to properly challenge an earlier arrest. It is your constitutional right upon arrest to mount an aggressive defense. An aggressive defense of your rights should occur whenever you are facing criminal charges. At Eversole Law LLC we believe you have the right to access experienced legal representation and we offer clients confidential consultations to discuss their rights.

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