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Harpersville Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Steven Eversole understands the importance of fighting an Alabama DUI charge. The Go to Guy for DUI, his Eversole Law Firm knows what it takes to beat drunk driving charges.

Breathalyzer Refusal in Alabama

Those who refuse the breath test in Alabama face a 90-day license suspension. The state's implied consent law means you agree, by virtue of being issued a driver's license, to comply with the requests of law enforcement and to submit to a breathalyzer examination upon request.

However, if you are convicted of drunk driving, you will lose your license anyway. And by refusing to submit to a breathalyzer examination you are denying the state a key piece of evidence used against you in court. While nobody wants to lose their driver's license, the reality is that a license suspension is a small part of the potential penalty for a DUI conviction. Jail, fines and court costs, treatment or probation, and skyrocketing insurance premiums are also of concern.

An experienced Alabama DUI defense attorney will challenge the results of your breath test through a variety of means, including a review of the qualifications of the officer operating the machine and the maintenance and calibration records of the machine itself.

Too often, a first-time offender fails to understand the seriousness of the charges. An offer of probation can lead to a quick plea agreement as a defendant seeks to simply put the experience in the rearview mirror.

We believe this is usually a mistake. With each passing year, the penalties for drunk driving get more severe; in 2011, the legislature mandated ignition interlock devices for some offenders and increased the penalty for a first-time conviction from 90 days in jail to 1 year behind bars. In fact, no other misdemeanor charge carries such a litany of penalties.

And the threshold for charges has been reduced from .10 to .08 with talks of lowering the nationwide limit even further. In short, we just don't know what the penalties are going to be tomorrow but it's a pretty safe bet they are going to be more serious than those faced today. And, while no one plans to get arrested for drunk driving once, let alone twice, the steady parade of repeat offenders in the newspapers and in the courtrooms should be all the evidence you need that having a conviction on your record is a real good way to get stopped and charged again.

A Harpersville drunk driving defense lawyer will review your case and decide upon the best course of action. A first offense can often be dealt with via a reduction in charges. In many cases evidence can be significantly challenges, which can result in a reduction or dismissal of the case. In every case, an experienced attorney can make sure your rights are protected and that you are not unduly punished with probation terms that will be difficult or impossible to comply with or other potential future legal complications.

If you are facing a drunk driving charge in Harpersville or the surrounding area, contact Eversole Law LLC for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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