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A Birmingham suburb, the City of Helena, Alabama is located in Jefferson and Shelby counties. Known as a family-friendly city with low crime, the city joins Alabaster and Pelham to make up the area known as North Shelby.

Helena Drunk Driving Charges
Your Right to Remain Silent

There are many ways to attack a DUI charge in Helena or elsewhere in Alabama. In fact, nationwide as many as one-third of those charged with drunk driving are not convicted of the charge in any given year.

Probable cause for the traffic stop or for an officer's request that you submit to testing are both potential challenges. The results of such testing must always be challenged, as should statements made by law enforcement or witnesses and videotapes or other evidence.

But a Helena criminal defense attorney should not have to challenges statements made by you the defendant. That's because you should exercise your right to remain silent. Whether you submit to testing is a personal choice. In some cases failure to do so can result in license suspension but you will also be denying the state a key piece of evidence to use against you in seeking a conviction.

Too often it is a defendants own statements that sink the ship. Drunken belligerence doesn't play well with juries. Remain polite and silent.

You have the right to remain silent: Exercise it.

Helena Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Steven Eversole has built a reputation as the Go to Guy for DUI. Having dedicated a significant portion of his law practice, Eversole Law LLC, to the representation of drunk driving defendants throughout the Birmingham area, Attorney Eversole knows what it takes to get results.

Don't settle for less. DUI defense doesn't have to cost a fortune. However, you may pay for the decision to go it alone for years to come. Jumping at the first offer of prosecutors is almost always a mistake. As is pleading guilty or no contest to put the charges behind you.

Job loss is not uncommon. And a drunk driving conviction can hound you for years or even decades to come – listing it on every job appliction you fill out for the rest of your career is reason enough to fight the charge. The inability to get certain forms of government assistance, including scholarships, or to work in certain careers or obtain certain occupational licenses are just a few issues many never consider. Even traveling to Canada can be off limits for those convicted of drunk driving.

By some estimates the cost of a DUI conviction may approach $20,000. And having a conviction on your record can put your long-term freedom and driving rights in real jeopardy in the event that you are stopped, questioned and charged again.

With each passing year, the penalties grow more severe; in 2011, Alabama lawmakers increased the penalty for a first offense from 90 days to one year in jail and made ignition interlock devices mandatory for some offenders. You pay for the devices, by the way, as well as the monthly monitoring fee. If you are facing drunk driving charges in Helena, contact Eversole Law LLC today for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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