• A Night Out Gone Wrong

    DUI charges can be stressful, unexpected, and potentially life-altering. A night out with some friends can easily turn into criminal charges right before your eyes. Police will use any tactic they can to secure a DUI arrest.

  • Don't Let It Happen To You

    An experienced attorney can help. Don’t let DUI charges ruin your life. DUI laws are strict and complex. When facing DUI charges, you will want an expert. Don’t hesitate to contact our offices today.

You Have Come Here Because You Believe You Can Win... And You're Right

A good DUI attorney's first words of wisdom to any prospective client are these: yes you can win your case! Yes, you do have certain rights as an American citizen, regardless of whether you are facing your first DUI, a felony charge arising from multiple drunk driving arrests, or even assault and manslaughter charges that stem from a DUI. Too many people have rushed into guilty pleas because they erroneously resigned themselves to the notion of an inevitable conviction. As a result, they needlessly suffered punishment ranging all the way from loss of driver's license (and if it's acommercial driver's license, that could spell the end of a person's career) to felony conviction and years of prison time. If you don't give up on yourself, then neither shall the aggressive DUI defense attorneys here at the Eversole Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama.

High-Powered Attorneys With a Hometown Sensibility

Experienced, competent criminal defense attorneys with proven track records in DUI defense cases are not reserved only for the celebrities and super-wealthy. Our firm's founder, Steven D. Eversole, procured his law degree right here in Birmingham at Samford University's Cumberland School of Law. Since then he has decided to stay and fight for the basic rights of average people in the city he loves, as well as for clients in the surrounding areas and all throughout the state of Alabama, including such places as - just to name a few - Huntsville, Cullman, and Jefferson County.

Eversole's solid history of victories on behalf of his clients has earned him the respect of his peers in the legal community. He is a member of the prestigious National College of DUI Defense, an organization founded to promote, educate and recognize exceptional DUI defense lawyers and attorneys throughout the nation. Perhaps more importantly, Eversole's track record handling hundreds of cases throughout Alabama has earned him the everlasting gratitude of so many men and women who are free to drive the streets today and come home every night to their loved ones, all because they wisely chose a high caliber advocate known for a fierce devotion to his clients.

Let Us Be Your Guide

When you come to our firm for representation, you get more than just a legal defense; you get a personal guide through the process that will help assuage your anxiety and make you feel in the loop on our strategy to win your case. We will explain to you exactly what to expect, and address all your questions and concerns, whether they be regarding the particulars of being under 21, or the penalties for an aggravated DUI, or any number of other areas where the breadth and depth of our attorneys' knowledge serves as a vital asset to you and your case.

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