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During the school year, the population of the town of Montevallo, 4,825, is rivaled by that of the University of Montevallo, which enrolls about 3,000 students.

Montevallo Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Steven Eversole understands the serious consequences that come with a DUI conviction, regardless of your age.

Alabama DUI Penalties

First-Offense Drunk Driving
  • Imprisonment up to 1 year
  • Up to $2,100 in fines
  • 90-day license suspension
  • Possible job loss.
  • Loss of scholarships, student aide.
  • Inability to work in certain career fields or obtain certain occupational licenses.
  • Difficulty joining the military.
  • Insurance premiums increase by 300 percent or more.

Students, in particular, may decide to plead guilty quickly in order to put the incident behind them or keep it from their parents. At Eversole Law LLC we understand the stress and embarrassment of facing a DUI charge. But we also understand the consequences of a guilty plea can last for years to come. Parents typically learn of the charges through skyrocketing car insurance premiums or other means. Having the conviction on your driving record for years means future employers will also know about it.

And scholarships, student aide and other assistance may be impacted by a conviction. The fact of the matter is many people who are charged with drunk driving are not convicted. Seeking the advice of an experienced Montevallo DUI defense attorney doesn't have to cost a fortune. We understand money is a concern – we were college students, too. But in reality hiring a drunk driving defense attorney is usually money well spent.

The average cost of a drunk driving conviction can approach $20,000. Having the conviction on your record can make it more likely that you will be stopped, questioned and charged again. Frequently a drunk driving charge is the beginning of years of legal problems.

An experienced attorney can challenge probable cause for the traffic stop or arrest. The conduct and experience of the officers involved can be challenged, as can the calibration and maintenance of the breathalyzer machine. A drunk driving defense lawyer in Montevallo will also review the scene and the statements made by members of law enforcement or witnesses. More than 1,000 motorists a month are charged with drunk driving in Alabama. First-offenses are often the easiest to get reduced or dismissed. Whether a college student just starting out, or a parent with a job and family, simply pleading guilty can create a hassle and a headache for years to come.

Whether a misdemeanor or felony, drunk driving is a serious criminal charge. Don't make it worse by going it alone. If you are facing DUI charges in Montevallo, contact Eversole Law LLC for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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