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Named for famed Civil War Officer John Pelham, the City of Pelham, Alabama has grown substantially in the last decade, from 14,000 in 2000 to more than 20,000 at the time of the last census.

Pelham DUI Charges & Probable Cause

  • An officer must have probable cause to stop your vehicle. This is often “weaving” or “failure to use your turn signal.” Sometimes an officer stretches the truth in making a stop on instinct – or out of boredom or professional aggressiveness. In such cases, an experienced defense lawyer may be successful in seeking a dismissal of the charges.
  • Once stopped, an officer must have probable cause to request that you perform field-sobriety testing or submit to a breathalyzer examination. This is where police so often list “bloodshot eyes,” “odor of alcohol,” or “slurred speech.” Again, an experienced Pelham criminal defense lawyer may be successful in having the charges dismissed if the state can't prove probable cause existed for an officer to continue with the arrest.

Like other areas of Shelby County, Pelham DUI Defense Attorney Steven Eversole understands that with that growth has come an increase in the number of law enforcement officers patrolling the roads. More than 14,000 Alabama motorists are charged with drunk driving each year – the most often filed criminal charge in the state. Defending your rights has become more important than ever amid the constant pressure on law enforcement and law makers to increase the penalties faced by those found guilty of driving under the influence.

Sobriety checkpoints, law enforcement roadblocks, roving patrols and periods of increased enforcement may all lead to questionable arrests. So, too, can the conduct of an inexperienced or aggressive officer.

Probable cause is a critical legal issue in drunk driving arrests in Alabama. From time to time we hear about an officer who has made the most drunk driving arrests in a department, or a city, or even in the state. Because of the constant emphasis placed on such arrests by superiors and by lawmakers, aggressive enforcement is a good career move. Most frequently, such officers pad their stats by playing fast and loose with the issue of probable cause. Staking out a bar or restaurant is one common tactic. Law enforcement officers often trade strategies among themselves when socializing. One such time-tested strategy is to pull over work trucks after dark during the week – the theory being that the crew stopped at happy hour and there is an increased chance that the driver making his way home after dark is intoxicated.

These are issues an experienced Pelham DUI defense attorney will review in working with you to decide upon the best course of action. Nationwide, the cost of a conviction is as high as $20,000, counting everything from missed work to court costs and increased insurance premiums. Investing in an experienced defense lawyer can help protect your rights, your job, and your ability to drive. And can help ensure that you are not setting yourself up for additional legal problems down the road.

If you are facing a drunk driving charge in Pelham or the surrounding area, contact Eversole Law LLC for a confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

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